Our Team

Meet the management team of REHCE. Our experience and leadership provides our clients and partners confidence in knowing industry-leading engineers are just a phone call away.


Kristen R. Hamilton, BSEE - Chairman
Kristen holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. As the Chairman and CEO of the company she oversees all facets of active jobs and company management ensuring the company's projects stay on schedule and within budget. She is the primary contract manager for all company undertakings. Her professional experience includes departmental and division management responsibilities at two other companies where her responsibilities included interfacing hybrid technology, selecting and maintaining equipment, process design, and military specification implementation. She has also served as a Military Hybrid Oscillator Group Leader, supervising a manufacturing line of highly skilled laborers and technicians plus the fabrication/testing equipment and interpretation/implementation of the military specifications for clients.  This real-world manufacturing and management experience honed her skills to lead a professional engineering firm from client management, financial and company management, systems and equipment management and project management from set up, budget tracking, invoicing and report/specification generation.  It has also provided her with the discipline to manage all levels of types of projects and clients-especially those that involve state and federal requirements.





Howard J. Hamilton, PE, CFM, CPESC - President

Howard holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana, a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC), a licensed Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in Illinois and a Registered Engineer in the Country of Trinidad and Tobago. He has served as an engineer for governmental bodies for his entire professional life and has experience with a lifetime of wastewater treatment and collection facilities; water supply treatment, storage and distribution systems; and hydrology-hydraulics studies associated with floodplain/floodway construction, stormwater management, and roadway design; and forensic analysis of all aspects of civil engineering.

Howard’s favorite quote from a valued employee, after hearing his many “homeowner disaster stories”

“Howard is simultaneously both the smartest and dumbest man I have ever known.”       Thanks Jeff





Joseph A. Regis, PE, PTOE, CFM - Vice President
Joe is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE), and a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM).  He has been with REHCE since 1989 and has been responsible for the planning, design and construction management and review of municipal projects. He has worked with municipal, county, state and federal governments and their agencies for his entire professional career. Joe has worked with many communities as Village/City engineer and has successfully completed a wide-range of projects. Village/City staff and their consultants rely on Joe's cooperative efforts to complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Joe's experience as a traffic engineer sets him apart from most other municipal engineers. PTOE certification is a powerful demonstration of requisite knowledge, skill and ability in the specialized application of traffic operations engineering. There are less than 2,000 PTOEs in the United States. While working with the City of Crest Hill, Joe has been responsible for the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) which were incorporated to promote groundwater recharge to enhance the habitat of several State and Federal endangered species.





Kenneth G. Noreiga, Dip. Land Surveying; Dip. Civil Engineering, J.S.D.T.I.
Ken brings a unique perspective to the team in that he has served the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land & Marine Resources, Land & Surveys Division; and in the Ministry of Local Government, Engineering and Project Units, and as Town Superintendent, Arima Municipal Corporation. Ken holds Engineering and Surveying Diplomas and has been with REHCE since 2001, providing construction management and overseeing and coordinating multiple phases of development services for numerous cities, villages and state/federal agencies. During his 30+ years of experience, he has managed complex projects such as the upgrading of control stormwater facilities, refitting of sewage systems for the City of Chicago, and has been responsible for assisting and reporting on traffic studies, flood control, sewers, environmental management, building construction, and contract administration operations for a community of 100,000 + residents. His experience offers leadership in quickly solving problems and reducing delays, costs and adversarial confrontations with developers, contractors and the clients, if/when they occurred.






Lee R. Koehler, PLS
Lee obtained his Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) licesnse in 1984.  His expertise includes Supervision and Daily Operation of Survey Staff; Cost Estimates and Bidding of Projects; Maintaining Client Relationships; Preparation of A.L.T.A., Illinois Land Survey Standard Boundary's, Topographic, Condominium and Mortgage Surveys; Preparation of Plats of Surveys for Subdivisions, Easements, Dedications, Vacations and Route Surveys; and GPS Control. His survey work includes numerous roadway projects and property work as well as survey work necessary for the development of engineering plans. In 2008 Lee received the Pat Patterson Surveyor of the Year Award by Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association (IPLSA).  He has served on the IPLSA board for 6 years.  He was appointed to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulating (IDFPR) board and is currently starting his 9th year on the board.






Brian M. Bottomley, PE
Brian is a Professional Engineer who has undertaken roles as Project Manager, Design and Construction Engineer, Expert Witness and as an Adjunct Professor of Engineering & Physics.  He has extensive experience coordinating a range of roadway improvement projects working amongst planning, survey, engineering, construction, governmental, legal and real estate professionals, wherein he has been able to consistently deliver ‘on-time & on-budget’ results.  These successes are best reflected in his development of infrastructure condition reports that efficiently translate survey date into a seamless ‘design-bid-build’ contract document preparation process; collaboration within a GIS interphase for real-time status tracking, cost reporting and resource archiving; fostering an ongoing effort to fold Phase I & II review into the ROW scoping process; implementation of a customer-centered approach to improve agency service; placing a greater emphasis to the strategic permitting of important economic development projects; and reinforcing cooperative intorgovernmental relationships with regulated utilities and local agencies to foster contextually responsive solutions to a multitude of stake holders.  As an Adjunct Professor Brian has been able to translate these experiences into a positive learning platform for his students - as a Professional Engineer he will continue to build on these experience to deliver the highest level of attentive service to clients.




Jeffrey T. Snape, PE, LEED AP

Jeff is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and a graduate of the Valparaiso University with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. His professional development includes Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design – Accredited Professional (LEED-AP). Jeff works on a variety of tasks, including planning, design, and review of various civil engineering projects. Jeff has been with REHCE since 2008 and has many years of professional civil engineering experience, including work on the Nature's Point Park, Simmons Park, and Ellis Equestrian Center. Jeff has worked on the design and review of various "green engineering" stormwater projects, including porous pavement, rain gardens, groundwater recharge, and aggregate base course stormwater detention. Much of this work has come through various park district and forest preserve district projects. He has managed a multi-year, large scale traffic study for the Illinois Department of Transportation and been the primary engineer in charge of site development review for a number of communities. Jeff's well rounded expertise in traffic engineering, water resources, hydraulics, and ordinances and development has enabled him to excel at working with diverse teams on any type of project.





Derek M. O'Sullivan, CFM
Prior to joining the REHCE team as the Senior Project Specialist, Derek served the County of Will for 15 years in multiple capacities. As the Assistant Director for the Will County Stormwater Management Planning Committee, he was charged with implementing the County-wide Stormwater program that included regulatory and policy development, enforcement, short and long term stormwater planning, and infrastructure maintenance activities, including project management. Prior to this he served as a Subdivision Engineer for Will County where he conducted permit reviews, subdivision plat reviews, conducted site inspections, administered FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and administered the IEPA's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program for Will County.