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Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You?

Monday, July 16, 2018


Imagine you are driving along and you come upon this (without the pedestrians):

Do you slam on your brakes?  Do you slow down? Or ignore it because you are accustomed to it since it is the 100th time you have seen it?
3-D crosswalks are used in China (pictured above), India, Iceland, and Oklahoma (pictured below).


The purpose is to alert drivers to a crosswalk to reduce vehicle/pedestrian crashes.  Most of these are experimental for which sufficient before/after crash rate data has not been collected to determine if they are effective or not. Or worse - decrease vehicle/pedestrian crashes but increase rear end vehicle/vehicle crashes.

What do you think? Should your local roads have these?



Joe Regis, PE is a Professional Traffic Engineer at Hamilton Consulting Engineers and can be reached at 815(730-3444)