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Want to be more creative (or solve a problem)? Go for a walk!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I’ve routinely taken a mid-day walk, done so for several years under all types of weather.  I always felt it was simply a good break in the day; a chance to get away from the desk or out from a string of meetings to stretch the legs and shift focus onto other thoughts.  And I felt quite justified knowing that Kant, Thoreau and Nietzsche also laced up their sneakers and took to the path… Not sure if any of my thoughts would keep pace with them, but I am happy to join their company when wandering off-task.  Then, to my complete surprise, I came across a Ted Talk offering quantitate support for this mid-day routine.  I’m thrilled to know, with certain measure, that time moving about and away from the grind is not lost time at all.  Seems that a good old walk is not only mana for the spirit and a bit of cardio exercise, it is a practical source of energy that helps multiply creativity and offers a means to more effective problem solving.  Now that’s a win-win in my book and, if I may be so bold, a good bit of advice each of us should hold dear when faced with a day too long or a challenge a bit too tough.  Take some time for a walk and you may find that the answers are right there before you !

More thoughts coming along, including notes on the benefits of procrastination, but that’ll have to wait – the path is calling and it’s time to head out for the daily walk.

Brian is a professional engineer, educator and expert witness.  The engineering side of his career has focused primarily on highway design, construction and ROW acquisition.  Whereas his work in the educational field has taken him to lead applied physics and construction management courses.  This blending of the conceptual, practical… and existential has provided some unique insights over his career span.  When the occasion rises, which is often, Brian loves to share his reflections on those experiences and, when nudged, is glad to offer some of those notions on our blog.